The mission at NOC Studio is to guide the singer to find their authentic voice. Nancy believes that what a learner and a teacher create can be something greater than its parts.

The NOC Studio uses the Stochastic Method of teaching. This method is based on sound principles of Functional Vocal Technique and is grounded in solid anatomy and physiology of sound production and scientifically proven acoustic principles. The techniques are used to promote a clear understanding of the student’s goals which help them to acheive them. Benchmarks are then created to assess a student's progress. We use trial and error, the senses, the Multiple Intelligence Theory, anatomy and physiology, acoustics of sound,  life experiences, repertoire, kinesthetic body memory, body mapping, and other techniques as a filter.


A singer today is required to sing in many styles and to be versatile and skilled in many aspects of singing. NOC Studio bases all technique on classical acoustic style and adapts the freedom flow of production into effective techniques for Broadway singing, Jazz, and other styles required of a performer. The studio also supports the teachers in the studio with pedagogy for their particular studios. Nancy believes that the music itself teaches so much and therefore all lessons are based on repertoire chosen to meet the technical and performance goals of each singer. Nancy often provides high quality pianists to support these lessons.

Experience is important to discover strengths and growth and NOC Studio provides a safe environment to perform in Monthly Master Classes. NOC Studio also provides workshops, retreats and public performances to these ends. Following a successful singing career, this widely-respected vocal teacher is now taking private students in her beautiful Forest Heights Studio.  Since 1988 Nancy Olson Chatalas has been an active member of the National Association of Teachers Of Singing.