Can You Hear Your Heart…?

Can you hear your heart speaking to you?

What is it saying?  Is it shouting to get your attention?  What does it want?  What does it need?  How can you listen?

What did you promise yourself that you want to see bloom this spring?  Those seeds planted back in the fall and spring should be greening a bit.  What do you want to get done?  What are your goals, your benchmarks?

When August arrives, we will all be staggering around in the drunken summer days and not really interested in much but soaking it all in.  I know I will be.  I will be in my tent under a summer sky.  I will be burning a blazing fire.

In the meantime, how do you want to give voice to your authentic self?  What is real for you?  What is realistic?  Where is your heart?  What is it saying?

I am listening.  Are you?

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