Magical Events

Remember when you were a child, and you had your big piano recital right before summer break?  I loved those! Most family and friends did not, however. They were long. They were sort of boring.  But, not for me! I wore some wonderful fancy gown that was handed down to me from one of the older girls in town.  It usually involved netting and safety pins! I practiced and practiced. It was hot in June in Clifton, Texas at the City Hall Auditorium: We perspired at lot.  We wore corsages!  

I was usually the last one to play, because I was pretty darn good, unless Kenneth Holder beat me out!  He was better than good, that precious Kenneth. 

So, now I am having an event for my studio. Someone asked me: “Is this like a ‘recital’? No, it is not. 

It is my practice in my studio to offer a variety of learning opportunities for growth for the studio artists.  It is not your former recital. It is a full performance event planned to meet learner’s goals. It is a magical time for those who have attended these events.  

What the audience receives is an evening of First- Class performances and entertainment. It is my hope that each person in the audience, as well as the performers gather inspiration keep making their own art.  To dance, to paint, to write poetry, to walk in the forests, and, of course to SING! 

For the singing artists in my studio, there remains a myriad of opportunities for growth in one of these events.  For the nascent artist, the performance for the public listener is an opportunity to set a performance goal and meet it, learning what it is like to ‘bring it’!  Still, they do not have to carry an entire evening. For experienced performers, it is an opportunity to bring their repertoire to another level. Many of the singers just love to share their stories, and, the great stories that are available through the resplendent and varied vocal literature for voice and instruments is a wonderment of variety, beauty, challenges and courage. 


This event features 11 studio artists who were chosen to perform from my vocal studio, comprising about one third of my vocal studio population. (Aren’t I lucky?)  Singers include professional career performers that you hear through-out the Northwest venues and beyond. These artists are teachers, conductors, mothers, administrators, scholars, athletes, tech geniuses, doctors, preachers, lawyers, a baker, and, I think there is one candle-stick maker.  In our Saturday evening event several artists sing individually and some are also are singing in duet scenes. The repertoire is varied from hilarious to sexy and sensuous opera scenes, to Broadway, including Stephen Sondheim. Performing the music of the romantic song literature of the past, you will hear Poulenc, Schumann, Berlioz, and Strauss.  Contemporary songs including arrangements of Eva Cassidy, Ned Rorem, Ricky Ion Gordon, and Gwenyth Walker. Plus, four fabulous, collaborative musicians at keyboard and bass. Including Rebecca Stager, Colin Shephard, John Mansfield, and bassist, Keith Post.  

Cedar Hills United Church of Christ is an innovative and open sanctuary to discover all sorts of things.  When they asked to sponsor this event and I said a resounding “Yes!” Let’s set a goal and meet it! Let’s grow!  Let’s inspire! Let’s laugh a lot and dig in deep into our best of our best.

So, I hope you will join us at fantastic Cedar Hills United Church of Christ, a beautiful venue located at 11695 SW Park Way, Portland, Oregon 97225 at 7:30 PM, August 24th.  Join us to create some magic as we say, “Good-Bye, Summer!  Hello, Fall!” in music, laughter, tears, and fun.  

Also, parking is easy. Just saying…

Nancy Olson Chatalas, Administrator and Artist Director, NOC Studio/ Portland, OR 


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