Musings of a Grateful Voice Teacher

Before I went to bed last night, I opened my bedroom window in anticipation of the rain that was forecast to arrive during the night.  This morning before any sun, I lay cuddled in my warm bed and listened to the welcome rain as it faithfully arrived. I felt it as if I were on my back on the grass in my garden soaking it into my skin and hair.  At times my kitten would jump into the window and talk to the morning rain.  He made sweet little sounds of welcome. It was perfect.

 It always seems, after a time of sunshine and beautiful bright days in the Northwest, seasons of activity, energy and movement, that the earth really needs this sip of moisture.  This morning was no exception.  The sounds of the earth and rain like a suckling infant ready for delicious manna.

After a wonderful while, I realized that no wonderful man being was going to bring me a rich cup of coffee and curl up with me in my reverie, so I got up, went through my early routine of ten stretches here, fifteen abs strengtheners, four exercises for the thighs, reaching there, arching here and all the other routines that I love in the early morning.  If I don’t feed the kitties rather soon in my routine, I find quite noisy helpers on my meditation mat.  They bump my chin and stand underneath the downward dog.  No dogs!  Food!

Like the precious earth, I too, hungrily sup on the nutritious return of the rain.  After weeks of rehearsals, competitions, bright sun on the detailed work of preparation, I find a drink of grace too lovely to ignore.  I am so grateful for the truly amazing concert that came forth from my vocal studio artists and our invited guests last Thursday evening, and the reception of the audience to our diligent work.  I am so grateful for my NATS Colleagues with whom I adjudicated singer after singer last weekend at our NATS Classical Festival.  I am touched by the beautiful singing that came forth from Weston Roth and Olivia Klugman and they shared their art to be heard by other ears, and did so very well.  I was inspired by the artistic wizardry of Kira Whiting in her piano co-creation both at our “Sheer Delight” concert and the NATS competition.

And, then there was Sunday when Vakare beautifully performed with Beth Madsen Bradford at the Resonance Salon Concert, filling in at the last moment, she rose to the occasion, so gracefully and artistically.

And, now for a few days of recovery and rest and a blessed shower or two…  Perfect.  Just Perfect.

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