Maddy Ross named a NATs National Finalist; a repeat achievement for NOC Studios

Madeline Ross, a soprano in the NOC Voice Studio, has been named a national finalist in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Annual National Competition. Due to the unique complications that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, the competition was judged solely on video-recordings. You can see the final round of competition at tomorrow morning at 10am PST.

Having worked with and studied in the NOC Voice Studio alongside Ms. Ross, I am overjoyed to hear of the success her skill, artistry, and talent so richly deserve. She is an incredible artist who exudes an easy, compelling, and expressive quality to her work. Moreover, she is a consummate professional, colleague, and dear friend.

Last year, I enjoyed the good fortune of being in Ms. Ross’ position at the NATs convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I competed against several fine singers and made some incredible memories with Nancy, our accompanist, and my father who, (as all proud parents are wont to do) tagged along for the adventure. At the time we had no idea it would be the site of a tragedy that would spark world-wide civil-rights activism and calls for public safety reform. We also were unaware the mere act of performing live in public spaces would be a vector for spreading a lethal pathogen.

What has not changed is how important art is to each of us. Without artists and their work, quarantine and sheltering-in-place would be all but insufferable. We owe so much to the creatives who enhance and enrich our daily lives and are adapting to find ways to provide such an essential human service during this time.

I am proud of the work that NOC Voice Studios has accomplished and of Ms. Ross’ success, and invite you to enjoy watching the performances of these wonderful artists tomorrow afternoon.